Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Tapping Emerald Knight Carbon Credits to Help Save the Environment

Tapping Emerald Knight Carbon Credits for the Environment

Global warming has become part of the environment news circuit in recent years. Numerous analysts have warned about the possibility of rising temperatures melting polar ice caps. The disastrous consequences of this for low-lying areas, especially island nations, are too dreadful to contemplate, in light of skepticism from certain sectors.
To address the problem, the United Nations established the Kyoto Protocol, which was intended to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) levels to what they were during the early 1990s. The effectivity of the accord has been prolonged to 2020. The improved treaty opened opportunities for investments in Emerald Knight carbon credits.
Carbon credit schemes are business projects where people trade in so-called carbon credits, or the right to emit a certain amount of CO2 or another greenhouse gas. The emissions are caused by activities such as driving cars or using any electric device. Under the Marrakesh Accords, a single tonne of CO2 is equal to one credit. The collection of credits can be possible through a forestry program.As trees and plants amass CO2, a company handling these plants can sell the credits later.
There are two types of carbon credits: voluntary or mandatory. In a voluntary carbon credit system, an individual or business that emits a carbon footprint willfully buys his credits. Mandatory schemes target large entities such as big-name corporations and governments through laws that limit their carbon emissions.
Trading of these credits mostly takes place under two systems: offset or cap-and-trade. In an offset system, the emitter creates credits if emissions are far below a baseline level. Under cap-and-trade, a carbon emitter can only release CO2 up to a certain limit. The credit is received if the amount is below limit. However, if the limit is exceeded, the emitter will have to buy additional credit from a source with lesser emissions.
Saving the environment is a race against time. Any means to do so must then be done in the soonest time possible and with companies like Emerald Knight. If you are committed to helping the environment, investing in Emerald Knight carbon credits is a step in the right direction. It allows for greater efforts to reduce global warming.

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