Friday, 28 June 2013

Choosing Socially Responsible Investments to Earn

How to Choose Socially Responsible Investments Marketed through Companies Like Emerald Knight Consultants

A socially responsible investment (SRI) is defined as a process where ethical, environmental, and social issues are the main considerations when deciding which investment products to put funding into. One aspect regarded as “responsible” is in their exclusion of companies that manufacture and sell harmful or addictive substances—i.e. alcohol, tobacco, or gambling; focusing instead on investment in companies that specialise in environmental sustainability and alternative energy.

Deciding on the right investment product can be daunting, especially if it's your first venture into SRIs. Responsible investing requires thorough research and due dilligence to ensure that funds truly go to worthwhile causes and that the business model is workable and secure. For this reason, people can benefit from the work of marketing companies like Emerald Knight that research the industry to provide information about worthy environmental causes that are also green investment opportunities.

One of the things that the Emerald Knight markets is hardwood investments that restore forest cover to help remove carbon from the atmosphere. The enterprise is considered promising in light of the increased demand for hardwood products over the last several decades, and the inability of existing timber forests to meet this need. Sourcing wood from such plantations relieves a great deal of pressure on the forest which would, otherwise, be ravaged by timber harvesting activities.

Emerald Knight can also shed light on socially responsible investing. These projects are inclined towards carbon-neutral initiatives in power generation, or projects aimed at offsetting carbon. Some of these efforts could be useful in helping companies earn valuable carbon credits. Inevitably, investors place their money in causes that appeal to them, that can recoup their investment, and have the most secure business model. 

These opportunities are attractive to investors who are providing the funding for green projects due to the lack of finance from governments and the reduction in bank lending. Emerald Knight Consultants remain attuned to market and industry developments to determine which initiatives to focus on.

SRIs are a great way of doing something noble, and making money in the process. However, like any type of financial investment, it is important to ascertain that the company you are investing with is solid and reliable.

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